Brain Pool

Last update: 2010-02-17 12:50

We have an email list that we encourage you to join when you are using the Doris software. It serves as a knowledge base, where experienced users can help answer questions from new users, and processing strategies can be discussed. Also users of other software packages are welcome to join the list, so we have as broad a platform as possible.

The email address of this list is doris_users(AT) where "(AT)" is the at symbol "@".

You can send messages to this list concerning the Doris software to inform people on the list, or to ask for their help. General InSAR questions can also be posted. On average, one can expect a few emails per month. Since this list is text based, please sent your email as ASCII text, without attachments (please not as HTML or RTF).
If you want to show your interferograms, etc., put them on a webserver and refer to that, or send them directly to people willing to look at them.

The Yahoo! group doris_users is also member of the list, which is done to automatically place all emails in a searchable archive, thus serving as a FAQ.

In order to join (subscribe to) our list, sent a 1 line ASCII text e-mail message to doris_users-request(AT), with the word(s):


subscribe [password] [digest|nodigest] [address=<address>]

You'll get a confirmation email from the list and after confirming your email address, you will be member of the mailing list doris_users(AT) To unsubscribe change the word subscribe to unsubscribe in the above email.
Put the commands in the body of the mail message (not on the "Subject:" header component). Other than white space, the commands must be the first text in the message body; in other words, don't begin with "Dear Mailman." The owner of the list can be contacted if your mail bounces or you have another problem with the listserver, e.g., subscribing. Refer to the mailman manual for more information on how these lists work.

Current Members of the Brain Pool

As of February 10, 2010, we have 164 members on the list.

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