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This document describes the Doris Software for Interferometric SAR processing. It is compliant with Doris v4.01. This manual contains technical documentation and information that is required for running the software. We try to be as complete as possible, but some chapters may be very brief in the description. Please report any incompleteness in the documentation or the source code. The latest information on the Doris software can always be found on the internet:

Doris is freely available to the scientific community. The conditions of use for the Doris software are as follows.

  1. Doris is a scientific-purpose software and cannot be commercialized, nor can parts or products of it be commercialized. Parties interested in using Doris or its products for any commercial purposes are requested to contact Prof.Dr. Ramon Hanssen of DEOS (

  2. Our version of the software is the only official one. Please do not distribute the Doris software to third parties, instead refer to the Doris home page. This in order to guarantee uniformity in the distribution of updates and information.

  3. Delft University of Technology is not responsible for damage of any kind caused by errors in the software or in the documentation.

  4. Users are very welcome to extend the capabilities of the Doris software by implementing new algorithms or improving the existing ones. It is intended that if new software is developed based on Doris, that this also is made available for free to the other users (through us).

  5. We would appreciate if any addition or modification of the software would be announced first to us, so that it can be included in the official (next) version of the software.

  6. Publications that contain results produced by the Doris software should contain an acknowledgment. (For example: The interferometric processing was performed using the freely available Doris software package developed by the Delft Institute of Earth Observation and Space Systems (DEOS), Delft University of Technology. or include a reference to: Bert M Kampes, Ramon F Hanssen, and Zbigniew Perski. Radar interferometry with public domain tools. In Third International Workshop on ERS SAR Interferometry, `FRINGE03', Frascati, Italy, 1-5 Dec 2003, page 6 pp., 2003.

This document is typeset in LATEX2e.

Delft, December 2008.

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