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Input Cards

SRD_OUT_CINT $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{Filename of output complex interferogram.}$

SRD_OFFSET $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
{\textrm{\it{{\underline{0 0}}}}}}$
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{Offset to be applied in azimuth line, range pixel direc...
...tes a
shift of the synthetic phase image to the right (range), up

Example input section:

c ___ step subtrrefdem ___
SRD_OUT_CINT    Outdata/cint.minrefdem.raw
SRD_OFFSET      1 -2

Leijen 2009-04-14