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Output Description

At successful exit the process control flag is switched:

 unwrap:                 1

The section for the unwrapping in the result file for the interferogram looks like the following for method TREEF (file name and format are used later):

 Data_output_file:                       Outdata/uint.raw
 Data_output_format:                     real4
 Data_output_file_regions:               Outdata/regions.raw
 Data_output_format:                     short int (2B)
 First_line (w.r.t. original_master):    1001
 Last_line (w.r.t. original_master):     2105
 First_pixel (w.r.t. original_master):   501
 Last_pixel (w.r.t. original_master):    700
 Multilookfactor_azimuth_direction:      10
 Multilookfactor_range_direction:        2
 Program for unwrapping:                 treef_ramon
 Output program for unwrapping:          ramon.uw
 Delta lines for seed:                   100
 Delta pixels for seed:                  100
 Number of patches used:                 1
 * End_unwrap:_NORMAL

If the 'Data_output_format:' is 'real4', then the output is assumed to be real4 unwrapped phase values. If the unwrapping was not successful, these pixels are set to -999. and ignored for slantrange to height conversion and differential insar.

The 'Data_output_format:' of the unwrapped interferogram also can be 'hgt', a band interleaved format (amplitude, phase) for SNAPHU. For more details on the definition if unwrapping went wrong, see Annex D.

Leijen 2009-04-14