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Output Description

The process control flag at the start of the master result file is switched to 1 at successful exit.

 readfiles:              1

Example of output of this step (in master result file). (The positioning data of the platform from the leader file has been deleted in this example. This happens automatically after step M_PORBITS (getting the precise orbits)). This output is appended to the master result file.

 Volume file:                              /cdrom/scene1/vdf_dat.001
 Volume_ID:                                  1
 Volume_identifier:                          0004093800014027
 Volume_set_identifier:                      19950830 9491991
 (Check)Number of records in ref. file:      26558
 Product type specifier:                     PRODUCT:ERS-1.SAR.SLC
 Location and date/time of product creation: IPAF 24-07-1998
 Scene identification:                     ORBIT 21567 DATE 30-08-95
 Scene location:                      FRAME 2781 LAT:40.94 LON:14.03
 Leader file:                               /cdrom/scene1/lea_01.001
 Scene_centre_latitude:                           40.9380000
 Scene_centre_longitude:                          14.0270000
 Radar_wavelength (m):                             0.0566660
 First_pixel_azimuth_time (UTC):            30-AUG-1995 09:49:20.453
 Pulse_Repetition_Frequency (actual, Hz):       1679.9020000
 Total_azimuth_band_width (Hz):                 1378.0000000
 Weighting_azimuth:                         HAMMING
 Xtrack_f_DC_constant (Hz, early edge):          437.9780000
 Xtrack_f_DC_linear (Hz/s, early edge):         7154.0000000
 Xtrack_f_DC_quadratic (Hz/s/s, early edge):-380000000.00000
 Range_time_to_first_pixel (2way) (ms):            5.5458330
 Range_sampling_rate (leaderfile, MHz):           18.9624680
 Total_range_band_width (MHz):                    15.5500000
 Weighting_range:                                 HAMMING
 Datafile:                                  /cdrom/scene1/dat_01.001
 Number_of_lines_original:                        26183
 Number_of_pixels_original:                       4900
 * End_readfiles:_NORMAL

Note that Product specifies "ASAR" for ASAR, which is used later.

A number of these lines is only for your information. The lines after Leader file: are used for the further processing (except Weighting identifiers). These strings may not be altered. We encountered a problem once when there was a blank in the UTC time, instead of a zero, but this should be fixed.

The logfile shows more details. Also some information is echoed to the screen (as "INFO: .."), such as the Doppler centroid frequency, evaluated at some ranges, the corners of the images in latitude longitude, etc.

Defaults for parameters (; Doris can still crash if not correct, e.g., the approximate coordinates of the scene):

 wavelength = 0.0566660.;         // [m] default ERS2
 t_range1   = 5.5458330/2.0e3;    // [s] one way, default ERS2
 prf        = 1679.902.;          // [Hz] default ERS2
 abw        = 1378.0;             // [Hz] default ERS2
 rsr2x      = 18.9624680*2.0e6;   // [Hz] default ERS2
 rbw        = 15.55e6;            // [Hz] default ERS2

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