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With this utility postscript files from complex data (and binary float data) can be generated, such as the output of Doris and SLC files.

Various input formats are supported. Options are multilooking, mirroring, plotting the phase, magnitude, real, and imag part, etc. It has become pretty big.

It calls/requires cpxfiddle (see C.2.3), and GMT subprograms: grd2cpt, grdimage, psscale.

 cpx2ps v2.1, FMR software, Bert Kampes, (c)1999-2000 
   cpx2ps  -- produce various encapsulated postscript code from 
               complex data files.

   cpx2ps -w width [-f format==cr4] [-q out==mag] [-e exp==1.0] [-s sc==1.0]
        [-l 1] [-L alllines] [-p 1] [-P width] [-M1/1 | -F1/1]
        [-T title] [-c cptname==gray] [-z size==16]
        [-o epsfile] [-G grdfile] [-C cptfile]
        [-gKSUVZ] [-h elp] [--] cpxfile

For more info, type: cpx2ps -h $ \:\vert\:$more

Leijen 2009-04-14