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Output Description

The process control flag at the start of the result file is switched to 1 at successful exit.

 crop:                   1
The output section in the result file will resemble the following.

 *_Start_crop:                        master
 Data_output_file:                               Output/21066.raw
 Data_output_format:                             complex_short
 First_line (w.r.t. original_master):            1
 Last_line (w.r.t. original_master):             5000
 First_pixel (w.r.t. original_master):           1
 Last_pixel (w.r.t. original_master):            1000
 * End_crop:_NORMAL

If the SLC data is already on disk, for example because the SAR processing was done, this section will have to be simulated. (As well as the result from READFILES.) The format complex_real4 is available.

Note that the byte order must be the same as the (host) platform order. This means that if data is copied from big endian platforms, they have to be swapped. Use for example a dd command like:

 dd if=/cdrom/file.slc of=file.slc conv=swab

or use gmt (-Zh for short, -Zf for float, see man pages):

 xyz2grd /cdrom/file.slc -Zh -Sfile.slc

Leijen 2009-04-14