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Output Description

Since this normally is the first step that is not specific to master nor slave, a products result file is created. The process control flag at the start of this file is switched to 1 at successful exit.

 coarse_orbits:           1

Example of output of this step.

 Some info for pixel: 3037, 590 (not used):
 Bperp      [m]:           36.1
 Bpar       [m]:           23.9
 Bh         [m]:           41.8
 Bv         [m]:          -11.4
 B          [m]:           43.3
 alpha      [deg]:        -15.4        // baseline orientation
 theta      [deg]:           18        // look angle
 Height_amb [m]:          202.8
 Btemp:     [days]:          -1
 Estimated translation slave w.r.t. master:
 Coarse_orbits_translation_lines:        236
 Coarse_orbits_translation_pixels:       3
 * End_coarse_orbits:_NORMAL

In the logfile some extra information is given, such as the number of iterations The baseline parameters are not used, but given here to make it possible to write scripts that grep these values if a lot of interferograms are processed of the same scene.

Leijen 2009-04-14