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Output Description

At successful exit the process control flag is switched on:
demassist:            1

The output (in the products result file) looks like:

DEM source file:                        final_wanaF2835.dem
Min. of input DEM:                      92
Max. of input DEM:                      1815
First_line (w.r.t. original_master):    3053
Last_line (w.r.t. original_master):     8052
First_pixel (w.r.t. original_master):   1714
Last_pixel (w.r.t. original_master):    2713
Number of lines:                5000
Number of pixels:               1000
Deltaline_slave00_dem:          -194.341
Deltapixel_slave00_dem:         -17.7004
Deltaline_slave0N_dem:          -194.082
Deltapixel_slave0N_dem:         -18.8867
Deltaline_slaveN0_dem:          -194.479
Deltapixel_slaveN0_dem:         -17.8064
Deltaline_slaveNN_dem:          -194.232
Deltapixel_slaveNN_dem:         -18.9409
* End_dem_assist:_NORMAL

The output in the logfile is more verbose, specifying the results of the intermediate steps. Also go over the standard out in case of problems, with the SCREEN set to DEBUG level.

Leijen 2009-04-14