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Output Description

The process control flags in the result files for the master and the slave are switched on:

 filt_range:             1

In the filtrange section the filename and format is described after the filtering. Master and slave are cut out so they exactly fit on each other.

 Method:                                 adaptive
 Data_output_file:                       Outdata/23070.rfilter.3
 Data_output_format:                     complex_real4
 First_line (w.r.t. original_master):    201
 Last_line (w.r.t. original_master):     6000
 First_pixel (w.r.t. original_master):   100
 Last_pixel (w.r.t. original_master):    3000
 * End_filt_range:_NORMAL

Figure 22.1 shows the improvement in the correlation for method porbits. A histogram is made of the correlation values of the FINE coregistration with and without range filtering. The area was relatively flat and the perpendicular baseline was approximately 175 meters.

Figure 22.1: Frequency histograms of the FINE coregistration correlation values. At 301 locations of a image the fine coregistration was performed, and a histogram has been made of the correlation values. The bin width equals 0.05. It can be clearly seen that the histogram of the filtered data is located to the right, i.e., is better.

Leijen 2009-04-14