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Input Cards

FE_METHOD $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{Method selector for this step. currently there is only one method.}$

FE_DEGREE $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{degree of 2d polynomial.}$

FE_NPOINTS $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{Number of points to compute reference phase for least squares

FE_IN_POS $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{ascii file with positions (master coord. system) in it ... excessive
fluctuations at the edge if a higher degree polynomial is used. }$

FE_OUT_FILE $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{Card will be added in future for optional output of reference phase.}$

One can use an awk like to make a grid:

 awk 'BEGIN{for (i=100;i<25200;i=i+500)   \
             {for (j=750;j<5400;j=j+200)  \
               {printf "%i %i \n",i,j}}   \
	    exit}' >

and a card in the input file:


This step used to be named ''FlatEarth''. This explains the prepended FE_'s, instead of some abbreviation for reference phase.

Example input section:

  comment ___ COMPREFPHA ___
 FE_METHOD       porbits
 FE_DEGREE       3
 FE_NPOINTS      201

Leijen 2009-04-14