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This page describes the status of the Doris software.

The project for the development of the Doris software started September 1st, 1998. After one year we decided to make the software freely available to the scientific community. We hope the further development of Doris will be a joint effort.

The first version of Doris was capable of generating the classic interferometric products starting from SLC images. This release included user's documentation. The next stage in the development was to create a software package that could do all procesing from RAW data to products such as (geocoded) deformation maps.
Doris uses SLC images as input however, and will remain to do so. In the approach used at Delft University of Technology, we can create SLC images from RAW data for various sensors, and then process the SLC images to interferometric products using Doris. Unfortunately, the SAR processor (for focussing the RAW data, i.e., to create an SLC) cannot be placed in the public domain by us.

Currently, Doris can handle SLC data from the satellites ERS, JERS, ENVISAT and RADARSAT-1/2, ALOS, TSX and COSMO-SkyMed.

With the release of snaphu unwrapping software in the public domain by Curtis Cheng, SU, an important processing step could be included in Doris v3.4.

Visualization and data interpretation is generally performed by the cpxfiddle utility and/or GMT software, based on the interferometric products created by Doris. Doris can also automatically create quicklook figures in SUNraster format.

What's new

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