The Delft Institute of Earth Observation and Space Systems of Delft University of Technology has developed an Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) processor named Doris (Delft object-oriented radar interferometric software). The Doris software can be downloaded freely from this site for non-commercial applications (conditions).

Interferometric products and endproducts such as Digital Elevation Models and displacement maps can be generated with this software from Single Look Complex data. Data from the satellites ERS, ENVISAT (first ENVISAT interferogram, 54kB, DEM, 107kB, and perspective view, 177kB), JERS (first JERS interferogram), and RADARSAT (first RADARSAT interferogram) can be processed with the Doris software.

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Introduction - 24 December 2008
Introduction to interferometric processing with the Doris software.
Status - 24 December 2008
What's the current status of these pages and the Doris software.
Literature - 24 December 2008
Online publications and InSAR references
FRINGE 2003 presentation,
BAM Earthquake processing overview,
Searchable InSAR literature (bibtex file with ~2100 entries),
Download - 13 March 2012
Access to the Doris software
User manual (html - v4.02 )
User manual (pdf - v4.02 changelog )
User manual (pdf in Chinese - v3.16)
Brain Pool - 17 February 2010
Experienced users help answer questions from new users and processing strategies are discussed. We encourage you to join this list when you are using the Doris software. Users of other software packages are also welcome to join this list, in order to have as broad a platform as possible.
Join the email list
FAQ for Doris (Yahoo! group, member of aforementioned list to automatically collect all emails in a searchable archive).
Links - 24 December 2008
Interesting links.

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