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Input Cards

COH_METHOD $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
{\textrm{\it{{\underline{include\_refdem}} \ensuremath{\:\vert\:}refphase\_only}}}}$
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{Method selector for coherence map generation. INCLUDE\_...
...e map is computed with subtraction of the only reference
phase (if available)}$

COH_OUT_CCOH $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{Filename of output datafile for complex coherence image (of step
coherence). one of COH\_OUT\_CCOH and *\_COH is mandatory.}$

COH_OUT_COH $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{Filename of output datafile for (real) coherence image (of step
coherence). One of COH\_OUT\_CCOH and *\_COH is mandatory.}$

COH_MULTILOOK $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
{\textrm{\it{{\underline{10 2}}}}}}$
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{Multilookfactor, if no multilooking is required, set this to ''1 1''.}$

COH_WINSIZE $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
{\textrm{\it{{\underline{10 2}}}}}}$
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{Window size of shifting window for coherence estimation.}$

Example input section for this step.

  comment ___product generation___
 COH_METHOD      include_refdem
  c COH_OUT_CCOH  Output/ccoh.raw                 // complex image
 COH_OUT_COH     Output/coh.raw                  // real
 COH_WINSIZE     10 2

Figure 28.1: Coherence estimate using the REFPHASE_ONLY (old) method. The colorscale ranges from 0 to 1.
Figure 28.2: Coherence estimate using the INCLUDE_REFDEM (new) method. The colorscale ranges from 0 to 1.

Leijen 2009-04-14