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List of routines + description

The information in this section may be out of date.

The list is generated with the ctags command

 ~/.bin/ctags -u -x *.[ch]* | grep -v matrixspec |\
 grep -v matrixbk | grep func | cut -c1-20,39-600

 sqr                 constants.h    inline int16 sqr(int16 x) {return(x*x);}
 sqr                 constants.h    inline int32 sqr(int32 x) {return(x*x);}
 sqr                 constants.h    inline uint sqr(uint x) {return(x*x);}
 sqr                 constants.h    inline real4 sqr(real4 x) {return(x*x);}
 sqr                 constants.h    inline real8 sqr(real8 x) {return(x*x);}
 in                  constants.h    inline real8 in(cn P) const // scalar product:;
 out                 constants.h    inline cn out(cn P) const // cross product cn r=P.out(Q);
 dist                constants.h    inline real8 dist(cn P) const // distance: d=P.dist(Q);
 min                 constants.h    inline cn min(cn P) const // cn r=P.min(Q);
 norm2               constants.h    inline real8 norm2() const // n=P.norm2();
 norm                constants.h    inline real8 norm() const // n=P.norm();
 normalize           constants.h    inline cn normalize() const // cn R=P.normalize();
 angle               constants.h    inline real8 angle(cn A) const // angle=A.angle(B); //0,pi;
 ecc1st_sqr          constants.h    inline void ecc1st_sqr() // first ecc.
 ecc2nd_sqr          constants.h    inline void ecc2nd_sqr() // second ecc.
 disp                constants.h    inline void disp() const // show content
 lines               constants.h    inline uint lines() const // return number of lines
 pixels              constants.h    inline uint pixels() const // return number of pixels
 operator =          constants.h    window& operator = (window X)
 operator ==         constants.h    bool operator == (window X) const
 operator !=         constants.h    bool operator != (window X) const
 pol2xyz             conversion.c   void pol2xyz(
 xyz2pol             conversion.c   void xyz2pol(
 xyz2ell             conversion.c   void xyz2ell(
 xyz2ell             conversion.c   void xyz2ell(
 ell2xyz             conversion.c   void ell2xyz(
 deg2rad             conversion.h   inline real8 deg2rad(real8 x) {return x * PI / 180.;}
 deg2rad             conversion.h   inline real4 deg2rad(real4 x) {return x * PI / 180.;}
 rad2deg             conversion.h   inline real8 rad2deg(real8 x) {return x * 180. / PI;}
 rad2deg             conversion.h   inline real4 rad2deg(real4 x) {return x * 180. / PI;}
 line2ta             conversion.h   inline real8 line2ta(real8 line, real8 ta1, real8 prf)
 pix2tr              conversion.h   inline real8 pix2tr(real8 pixel, real8 tr1, real8 rangesamplingratex2)
 pix2range           conversion.h   inline real8 pix2range(real8 pixel, real8 tr1, real8 rangesamplingratex2)
 ta2line             conversion.h   inline real8 ta2line(real8 azitime, real8 ta1, real8 prf)
 tr2pix              conversion.h   inline real8 tr2pix(real8 rangetime, real8 tr1, real8 rangesamplingratex2)
 cr4toci2            conversion.h   inline compli16 cr4toci2(complr4 x)
 coarseporbit        coregistration.c void coarseporbit(
 coarsecorrel        coregistration.c void coarsecorrel(
 coarsecorrelfft     coregistration.c void coarsecorrelfft(
 corrfft             coregistration.c real4 corrfft(
 distributepoints    coregistration.c matrix<uint> distributepoints(
 getoffset           coregistration.c void getoffset(
 finecoreg           coregistration.c void finecoreg(
 coherencefft        coregistration.c real4 coherencefft(
 coherencespace      coregistration.c real4 coherencespace(
 coregpm             coregistration.c void coregpm(
 getofffile          coregistration.c matrix<real4> getofffile(
 cc4                 coregistration.c matrix<real4> cc4(
 cc6                 coregistration.c matrix<real4> cc6(
 ts6                 coregistration.c matrix<real4> ts6(
 ts8                 coregistration.c matrix<real4> ts8(
 ts16                coregistration.c matrix<real4> ts16(
 rect                coregistration.c matrix<real4> rect(
 tri                 coregistration.c matrix<real4> tri(
 resample            coregistration.c void resample(
 rangefilter         filtering.c    void rangefilter(
 rfilterblock        filtering.c    void rfilterblock(
 phasefilter         filtering.c    void phasefilter(
 goldstein           filtering.c    matrix<complr4> goldstein(
 smooth              filtering.c    matrix<real4> smooth(
 smooth              filtering.c    matrix<real4> smooth(
 spatialphasefilt    filtering.c    void spatialphasefilt(
 convbuffer          filtering.c    matrix<complr4> convbuffer(
 phasefilterspectral filtering.c    void phasefilterspectral(
 spectralfilt        filtering.c    matrix<complr4> spectralfilt(
 azimuthfilter       filtering.c    void azimuthfilter(
 blockazifilt        filtering.c    matrix<complr4> blockazifilt(
 slant2hschwabisch   geocode.c      void slant2hschwabisch(
 slant2hambiguity    geocode.c      void slant2hambiguity(
 slant2hrodriguez    geocode.c      void slant2hrodriguez(
 geocode             geocode.c      void geocode(
 printcpu            ioroutines.c   void printcpu(
 inittest            ioroutines.c   void inittest()
 doinitwrite         ioroutines.c   bool doinitwrite(
 initwrite           ioroutines.c   void initwrite(
 updatefile          ioroutines.c   void updatefile(
 getanswer           ioroutines.c   void getanswer(
 readres             ioroutines.c   bool readres(
 updateprocesscontrolioroutines.c   void updateprocesscontrol(
 checkprocessing     ioroutines.c   void checkprocessing(
 checkrequest        ioroutines.c   void checkrequest(
 fillcheckprocess    ioroutines.c   void fillcheckprocess(
 fillprocessed       ioroutines.c   void fillprocessed(
 filelines           ioroutines.c   int32 filelines(
 existed             ioroutines.c   bool existed(
 removedatleader     ioroutines.c   void removedatleader(
 filesize            ioroutines.c   inline uint filesize(
 getoverlap          ioroutines.c   window getoverlap(
 getoverlap          ioroutines.c   window getoverlap(
 readcoeff           ioroutines.c   matrix<real8> readcoeff(
 fillproductinfo     ioroutines.c   void fillproductinfo(
 assert              ioroutines.c   void assert(
 assert              ioroutines.c   void assert(
 tolower             ioroutines.c   void tolower(char *s)
 toupper             ioroutines.c   void toupper(char *s)
 printWARNING        ioroutines.h   inline void printWARNING()
 ERROR               ioroutines.h   inline void ERROR(char ch[ONE27])
 ERROR               ioroutines.h   inline void ERROR(const char* file, int32 line, char ch[ONE27])
 WARNING             ioroutines.h   inline void WARNING(char ch[ONE27])
 PROGRESS            ioroutines.h   inline void PROGRESS(char ch[ONE27])
 INFO                ioroutines.h   inline void INFO(char ch[ONE27])
 DEBUG               ioroutines.h   inline void DEBUG(char ch[ONE27])
 DEBUG               ioroutines.h   inline void DEBUG(const char* file, int32 line, char ch[ONE27])
 initialize     void orbit::initialize(const char* file)
 computecoefficients     void orbit::computecoefficients()
 getklokhi      void orbit::getklokhi(real8 t)
 getxyz         cn orbit::getxyz(
 getxyzdot      cn orbit::getxyzdot(
 getxyzddot     cn orbit::getxyzddot(
 lp2xyz         int32 lp2xyz(
 xyz2orb        int32 xyz2orb(
 xyz2t          int32 xyz2t(
 xyz2lp         int32 xyz2lp(
 ell2lp         int32 ell2lp(
 lp2ell         int32 lp2ell(
 compbaseline     void compbaseline(
 dumporbit      void orbit::dumporbit(
 splineinterpol     matrix<real8> splineinterpol(
 showdata       void orbit::showdata()
 main           int32 main()
 eq1_doppler         orbitbk.h      inline real8 eq1_doppler(cn velocity, cn dsat_P)
 eq2_range           orbitbk.h      inline real8 eq2_range(cn dsat_P, real8 rangetime)
 eq3_ellipsoid       orbitbk.h      inline real8 eq3_ellipsoid(cn P, real8 semimajora, real8 semiminorb)
 eq1_doppler_dt      orbitbk.h      inline real8 eq1_doppler_dt(cn dsat_P, cn velocity, cn accerelation)
 shownumberofpoints  orbitbk.h      int32 shownumberofpoints() {return numberofpoints;}
 main                processor.c    int32 main(
 handleinput         processor.c    void handleinput(int argc, char* argv[], input_gen &input_general)
 usage               processor.c    void usage(char *programname)
 fillproductinfo void productinfo::fillproductinfo(
 readphase  matrix<real4> productinfo::readphase(
 productinfo         productinfo.h  productinfo() {multilookL=1; multilookP=1;} // rest ==0
 showdata            productinfo.h  inline void showdata() const // show content
 compinterfero       products.c     void compinterfero(
 compcoherence       products.c     void compcoherence(
 subtrrefpha         products.c     void subtrrefpha(
 subtrrefpha         products.c     void subtrrefpha(
 subtrrefdem         products.c     void subtrrefdem(
 dinsar              products.c     void dinsar(
 writearg            readinput.c    void writearg(const Type argument)
 readinput           readinput.c    void readinput(
 checkgeneral        readinput.c    void checkgeneral(
 checkreadfiles      readinput.c    void checkreadfiles(
 checkcrop           readinput.c    void checkcrop(
 checkporbits        readinput.c    void checkporbits(
 checkslant2h        readinput.c    void checkslant2h(
 checkunwrap         readinput.c    void checkunwrap(
 checkgeocode        readinput.c    void checkgeocode(
 checkcoarsecorr     readinput.c    void checkcoarsecorr(
 checkfine           readinput.c    void checkfine(
 checkcoregpm        readinput.c    void checkcoregpm(
 checkcomprefpha     readinput.c    void checkcomprefpha(
 checksubtrrefpha    readinput.c    void checksubtrrefpha(
 checkresample       readinput.c    void checkresample(
 checkinterfero      readinput.c    void checkinterfero(
 checkcoherence      readinput.c    void checkcoherence(
 checkcomprefdem     readinput.c    void checkcomprefdem(
 checksubtrrefdem    readinput.c    void checksubtrrefdem(
 checkfiltrange      readinput.c    void checkfiltrange(
 checkdinsar         readinput.c    void checkdinsar(
 checkfiltphase      readinput.c    void checkfiltphase(
 checkfiltazi        readinput.c    void checkfiltazi(
 setunspecified      readinput.h    inline void setunspecified(char *s)
 specified           readinput.h    inline bool specified(const char *s)
 flatearth           referencephase.c void flatearth(
 radarcodedem        referencephase.c void radarcodedem(
 fillslcimage    void slcimage::fillslcimage(const char* file)
 updateslcimage    void slcimage::updateslcimage(
 readdata      matrix<complr4> slcimage::readdata(
 showdata            slcimage.h     inline void showdata() const
 readvolume          step1routines.c void readvolume(
 readleader          step1routines.c void readleader(
 readnull            step1routines.c void readnull(
 readdat             step1routines.c void readdat(
 writeslc            step1routines.c void writeslc(
 unwraptreeframon    unwrap.c       void unwraptreeframon(
 getorb              utilities.c    void getorb(
 convertgetorbout    utilities.c    void convertgetorbout(
 solve33             utilities.c    void solve33(
 solve22             utilities.c    matrix<real8> solve22(
 nextpow2            utilities.c    uint nextpow2(
 polyval             utilities.c    real8 polyval(
 polyval             utilities.c    real8 polyval(
 polyval             utilities.c    matrix<real4> polyval(
 polyval1d           utilities.c    real8 polyval1d(
 normalize           utilities.c    void normalize(
 normalize           utilities.c    void normalize(
 BBparBperp          utilities.c    void BBparBperp(real8 &B, real8 &Bpar, real8 &Bperp,
 BBhBv               utilities.c    void BBhBv(
 Btemp               utilities.c    int32 Btemp(
 BalphaBhBvBparBperpT10  utilities.c    void BalphaBhBvBparBperpTheta(
 iseven              utilities.h    inline bool iseven(int16 w) {return (w+1)%2;}
 iseven              utilities.h    inline bool iseven(int32 w) {return (w+1)%2;}
 iseven              utilities.h    inline bool iseven(uint w) {return (w+1)%2;}
 isodd               utilities.h    inline bool isodd (int16 w) {return w%2;}
 isodd               utilities.h    inline bool isodd (int32 w) {return w%2;}
 isodd               utilities.h    inline bool isodd (uint w) {return w%2;}
 ispower2            utilities.h    inline bool ispower2 (uint w)
 Ncoeffs             utilities.h    inline int32 Ncoeffs(int32 degree)
 degree              utilities.h    inline int32 degree(int32 Ncoeffs)
 remainder           utilities.h    inline real4 remainder(real4 number, real4 divisor) 
 remainder           utilities.h    inline real8 remainder(real8 number, real8 divisor) 
 sinc                utilities.h    inline real4 sinc(real4 x) 
 rect                utilities.h    inline real4 rect(real4 x) 
 tri                 utilities.h    inline real4 tri(real4 x) 
 onedecimal          utilities.h    inline real8 onedecimal(real8 x)
 onedecimal          utilities.h    inline real4 onedecimal(real4 x)
 myrect              utilities.h    inline matrix<real4> myrect(const matrix<real4> &X)
 myhamming           utilities.h    inline matrix<real4> myhamming(
 interpbicubic       utilities.h    inline real4 interpbicubic(
 normalize           utilities.h    inline real4 normalize(real4 data, real8 min, real8 max)
 normalize           utilities.h    inline real8 normalize(real8 data, real8 min, real8 max)

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