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This utility can be used to reset and clean up the processing entries in Doris result files, such as: master.res, slave.res or interferogram.res, in order to allow re-processing of a step or multiple steps. Basicly, it deletes any entry starting from the indicated step till to the very end of the result file and updates process control switches.

USAGE: <doris_process_name> <.res>

   EX: coarse_correl   master_slave.res      resample   slave.res

Doris process names by order:
 1.  crop                 13. resample
 2.  sim_amplitude        14. interfero
 3.  master_timing        15. comp_refphase
 4.  filt_azi             16. subtr_refphase
 5.  filt_range           17. comp_refdem
 6   oversample           18. subtr_refdem
 7.  coarse_orbits        19. coherence
 8.  coarse_correl        20. filtphase
 9.  fine_coreg           21. unwrap
10.  timing_error         22. slant2h
11.  dem_assist           23. geocoding
12.  comp_coregpm         24. dinsar
                          25. <extra>

Leijen 2009-04-14