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Completes for tcsh users

Complete commands are used in tcsh shell to complete commands by pressing the TAB key. These completes can be added to the ones you already have. Simply put them in your resource file, likely .cshrc or .tcshrc. Possibly in your configuration there is a file "complete.tcsh" that is sourced from the .cshrc. If you are not using tcsh, you cannot use them (?) (Find out by the commands "who am i" and "finger".)

 complete doris      c/-/"(c h q ver)"/ \
                     n/-h/"(<search term>)"/ \

 complete cpx2ps     c/-/"(w f q e s l L p P T F c z o G C g K S U V Z h m)"/ \
                     n/-f/"(ci2 cr4 cr8 r4)"/ \
                     n/-q/"(normal mag phase real imag)"/ \
                     n/-T/"(<title>)"/ \
                     n/-c/"(cool copper gebco gray haxby hot jet no_green polar
 rainbow red2green relief topo sealand split wysiwyg)"/ \
                     n/-m/"(X XY Y)"/

 complete cpxfiddle  c/-/"(w f q o e s l L p P S M m c V h)"/ \
                     n/-c/"(<filename> gray jet hot cool bert)"/ \
                     n/-f/"(cc1 cuc1 ci2 ci4 cr4 cr8)"/ \
                     n/-q/"(normal mag phase real imag)"/ \
                     n/-m/"(X XY Y)"/ \
                     n/-o/"(ascii float sunraster uchar)"/

Leijen 2009-04-14