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pixel number

The pixel number p [1:Np], given a certain one-way range time $ t_a$, can be computed as:

$\displaystyle p = 1 + {\rm RSR} \cdot 2(t_r - t_{r1})$ (D40)

Where $ t_{r1}$ is also one-way.

The one-way range time for a given pixel (number) p can be computed as:

$\displaystyle t_r = t_{r1} + {(p-1)\over2{\rm RSR}}$ (D41)

RSR is in Hz.
$ t_{a1}$ is the range time to pixel 1 (first pixel) in seconds.

The range is of course equal to:

$\displaystyle r = t_r * c$ (D42)

c is the speed of light (constants.h: 299792458. m/s).

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