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Input Cards

SAM_IN_DEM $\textstyle \parbox{.75\linewidth}{
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{filename of input DEM (gtopo30).
File is assumed to be...
... line-by-line.
See also internet links at Doris home page for available DEMs.}$

SAM_IN_FORMAT $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
{\textrm{\it{{\underline{I2}} \ensuremath{\:\vert\:}I2\_BIGENDIAN \ensuremath{\:\vert\:}R4 \ensuremath{\:\vert\:}R8}}}}$
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{format of input DEM on file
(signed short for gtopo30,...
... header,
endianness of host platform is assumed, except for I2\_BIGENDIAN).

SAM_IN_SIZE $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
{\textrm{\it{{\underline{6000 4800}}}}}}$
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{Number of rows and columns of input DEM file.
Default is set to tile w020n90.DEM.}$

SAM_IN_DELTA $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
{\textrm{\it{{\underline{0.00833333333333333333 \textnormal{[} {deltalon} \textnormal{]}}}}}}}$
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{Grid spacing of input DEM in decimal degrees, latitude longitude.
Default is equal gridspacing,
default set to tile w020n90.DEM.}$

SAM_IN_UL $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
{\textrm{\it{{\underline{89.995833333333333 -19.995833333333333333333}}}}}}$
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{Coordinates of UL (upperleft) corner in decimal degrees...
...tile w020n90.DEM.
It is interpreted as max-latitude, min-longitude in source.}$

SAM_IN_NODATA $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{Identifier to ignore data in input DEM with this value.
Default is set to tile w020n90.DEM.}$

SAM_OUT_FILE $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{Filename of the output simulated amplitude.}$

SAM_OUT_DEM $\textstyle \parbox{0.75\linewidth}{
$\textstyle \parbox{\MY}{Request optional debug output to float file of input DE...
.... Info on these files is written as DEBUG.
Default is set to demcrop\_sam.raw}$

Example input section:

c       ___      ___
comment ___SIMAMP___
SAM_IN_DEM        final_WAna.dem           // input DEM
SAM_IN_FORMAT     r4                       // real4 format
SAM_IN_SIZE       3601 3601                // extend of the DEM(l,p)
SAM_IN_DELTA      0.000833333 0.000833333  // 3 arcseconds
SAM_IN_UL         40  27                   // the center coordinates
					   // of the UL corner pixel
SAM_IN_NODATA     -32768                   // ignored value
SAM_OUT_FILE      Outdata/18226.sam        // synthetic amplitude    
SAM_OUT_DEM       Outdata/dem_sam.raw      // cropped DEM for

Leijen 2009-04-14