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This chapter describes the processing step RELTIMING. The relative timing error between the master and slave is computed using the (precise) orbits and the result of the fine coregistration. Therefore, this step can only be run after the steps COARSE_ORBIT and FINE. The timing error in azimuth as well as in range direction is estimated.

This step is of influence for the coregistration using a DEM ( DEMASSIST step). For this coregistration the master and slave images should be aligned as good as possible with the DEM. The master is aligned with respect to the DEM using a simulated amplitude image (M_TIMING step). This could also have been done for the slave image, however, we have chosen to use the master-slave fine coregistration because this is probably more precise for the relative timing. Therefore, an error in the master timing will propagate to the slave timing, however, the relative DEM position is consistent.


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