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Output Description

At successful exit, the process control flag is switched on:

 interfero:              1

The output looks like (in the products result file):

 Data_output_file:                       Output/cint.raw
 Data_output_format:                     complex_real4
 First_line (w.r.t. original_master):    1001
 Last_line (w.r.t. original_master):     2105
 First_pixel (w.r.t. original_master):   501
 Last_pixel (w.r.t. original_master):    700
 Multilookfactor_azimuth_direction:      10
 Multilookfactor_range_direction:        2
 Number of lines (multilooked):          110
 Number of pixels (multilooked):         100
 * End_interfero:_NORMAL

The (complex) output data file can be viewed with, e.g., in Matlab with a following script:

 fid = fopen('Output/cint.raw','r');
 cint = (fread(fid,[100 220],'float32')).';
 realpart = cint[:,1:2:size(cint,1)];
 cplxpart = cint[:,2:2:size(cint,1)];
 cint = realpart + i*cplxpart;
 phase = angle(cint);

Output may include the matrix with the reference phase. For flatearth correction this normally resembles a plane, and is not very useful output.

Leijen 2009-04-14