GPL, the Group Presentations Library

The Group Presentations Library file

  1. contains 27 presentations of sporadic groups.
  2. contains words generating several subgroups in these presentations.
  3. gives a general setup for storing presentations and representations.
  4. enables its users to build finitely presented groups via strings and vice versa.
The GPL file is completely written in the GAP language.

Presentations for all sporadic simple groups from the Mathieu group M11 up to the Higman-Sims group and their automorphism groups are present. In each of these eleven presentations, words are given for every maximal subgroup, up to the action of the automorhism group. Several presentations and words are available for other sporadic groups.

The GPL distribution contains of two files:

the library and functions in GAP format
documentation in compressed postscript format

These files are also available from GAP's Deposited Contributions site in

Please send bugs and comments to

Roderik Lindenbergh
May 1998