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InSAR Processing

Introduction to Doris

The Doris interferometric SAR software can be freely used by the scientific community. Please read the conditions of use in the readme file. Here also some specificic information on the content of the archive is given. Please note the flyer we made some time ago (front, back, postscript (gzipped 1MB)).

The Doris software has been made publicly available in order to receive critical comments from users, and make the development of particular routines a joint effort rather than inventing the wheel twice. We highly appreciate it when users contact us or use the user mailing list.

A user manual (including technical documentation) is available in the download area (with the C++ source code and installation instructions).

The latest updates and information is always available via the Doris web pages. There is a mailing list by which we contact the users on new releases, errata, etc. This list can also be used to post questions concerning data processing, installation of Doris, etc. Any suggestions and comments concerning the web pages, documentation, and software are welcome.


Doris software has been developed on a HP-UX B.10.20 A 9000/780 series (unix command: uname -a). However, it can be easily compiled on other platforms. It is running on X86 linux machines and MS-windows, SUN, SGI, HP. We have been using the (HP) aCC (standard) C++ compiler, suporting complex types, but for portability reasons we switched to the GNU g++ compiler.
We have written a simple script that generates a Makefile that should make compilation easy on various systems. It has been tested on HP and Linux with g++ v2.7.2.2 and v2.95.2 and HP aCC. (g++ is included with gcc, for more information see the gcc homepage.) There also is a sample Makefile that we used here.

We would like to encourage users to compile the code on other machines, and inform us whether this has been successful.

Characteristics of Doris. Doris...

General Processing

Please refer to the
manual for information on the processing capabilities of Doris.
Doris basic input are SLC images. Processing upto complex interferogram and coherence map has been implemented. Unwrapping has to be performed with external software. Module for geocoding of the unwrapped phase values is provided. Below are a few examples of output.

Guoxiang LIU processed the next interferogram running Doris under Windows NT. And Cygwin. A better explaination how to run Doris under Cygwin will follow quickly. Cygwin Windows NT

phase phase image coherence coherence image

By using the SCRIPPS SAR processor we were able to compute the deformation pattern caused by the Izmit earthquake. The generation of the SLC data (block I of the processing) was thus done by the SAR processor, and the rest of the processing by Doris. interferogram of Izmit area.

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