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This readme file pertains to the distribution of doris_4.02.tar.gz. Additional information on installing Doris and the contents of the archive is available in an annex of the user's manual. General information on the Doris software can be found in the general introduction.

Conditions of use


The Doris software has been developed at a HP-UX 9000 platform. It is however intented to be platform independent (portable). We encourage you to compile the Doris software on other platforms with a standard C++ compiler.
Current versions of the Doris software can be easily installed on Linux platforms.

If available, the Lapack library can be used. We only use Cholesky factorization routines. If it is not available, internal routines routines can be used, which can be selected by approriate defines while compiling. It is adviced to use the Lapack library however.
We also use the HP Veclib library for FFT's and fast matrix multiplications. For these functions we have also written internal routines, and the Veclib library is thus also not required to run the Doris software. However, using the Veclib library will speed up the computations, and we advice to use it. The FFT we programmed is probably slower than the library function. We tested the precision and it seems to function correctly.
Usage of a FFT in Doris is (strictly) only required for the harmonic interpolation (oversampling) in the fine co-registration step. (This is a big difference with SAR processing where FFT's play an important role.) In other steps, e.g., for the computation of correlation, we have implemented routines that perform the same computations in the space domain.
In the Makefile you can exclude these libraries by commenting define statements DEF4 and DEF5.

Conditions of use

The conditions of use are as follows.
  1. Doris is a scientific-purpose software and cannot be commercialized, nor can parts or products of it be commercialized. Parties interested in using Doris or its products for any commercial purposes are requested to contact Dr. Ramon Hanssen of DEOS (
  2. Our version of the software is the only official one. Please do not distribute the Doris software to third parties, instead refer to the Doris home page. This in order to guarantee uniformity in the distribution of updates and information.
  3. Delft University of Technology is not responsible for any damage caused by errors in the software or the documentation.
  4. Users are very welcome to extend the capabilities of the Doris software by implementing new algorithms or improving the existing ones. It is intended that if new software is developed based on Doris, that this also is made available for free to the other users (through us).
  5. We would appreciate if any addition or modification of the software would be announced first to us, so that it can be included in the official (next) version of the software.
  6. Publications that contain results produced by the Doris software should contain an acknowledgment. (For example: The interferometric processing was performed using the freely available Doris software package developed by the Delft Institute of Earth Observation and Space Systems (DEOS), Delft University of Technology, or include a reference to: Bert M Kampes, Ramon F Hanssen, and Zbigniew Perski. Radar interferometry with public domain tools. In Third International Workshop on ERS SAR Interferometry, `FRINGE03', Frascati, Italy, 1-5 Dec 2003, page 6 pp., 2003.


See the user manual, annex installation.

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