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Doris is a standalone program that can perform most common steps of the interferometric radar processing in a modular set up. Doris handles SLC (Single Look Complex) data to generate interferometric products, and can be used to georeference unwrapped products. For an example, see the DEM of Las Vegas, created from ENVISAT data. As phase unwrapper, the external SNAPHU software is recommended (follow the link below to download, and install separately).

Doris is quite robust for handling ERS and ENVISAT data, since these platforms are very stable, have precise orbits readily available, and the data are affordable. Native SLC data readers have been implemented for JERS, RADARSAT-1, ALOS and for the new generation sensors TSX, Radarsat-2 and COSMO-SkyMed data reading support is extended via 3rd party tool (gdal), and interferograms from SLC data of these sensors can be generated.

Moreover, if your SLC data are not in one of these known formats, (e.g., you focussed it yourself with your own SAR processor, such as ROI_PAC or GAMMA) Doris can in general be used for the interferometric processing when the required parameters are passed to the SLC result (metainfo) files.

Doris has been compiled on virtually all operating systems including HP (first developed on HP), SUN, Linux (all flavors, currently maintained), MS windows (running Cygwin), using a variety of compilers, such as aCC, g++, and icpc etc. For more information on the design of Doris, and installation, please refer to the manual.

Though the use of Doris is free, we encourage you to state that you are using it. You can do this by citing in your publications either:

And by using the Doris logo in (poster) presentations. Doris logo

Necessary downloads to obtain a full version of the Doris software are:

  1. The source code tar archive (Doris (incl. the re-usable C++ matrix class), bin utility scripts, SARtools, ENVISAT tools.
    download below. For installation instructions, see the INSTALL and README file in the distribution.
  2. Documentation tar archive (User's manual; Download below, or view it online.)
  3. Additional software (getorb, SNAPHU, GMT, gv, or ghostview
    install seperately; not strictly required but very useful. At least install snaphu and GMT. Recommended is the fftw library v3.0.1 as well. See links below.)
Also consider downloading some other utilities/testers:
  1. The DEOS Matlab InSAR tolbox. It contains scripts for simulation, visualization of the products of Doris, and for additional processing (trend removal, multilooking, etc.).
    contents insar toolbox contents demo toolbox contents fractal toolbox (Download below.)
  2. Testdata for Doris, to check if it installed ok and to familiarize yourself with the software. testfiles for big endian machines (HP etc.) (3.2MB), testfiles for little endian machines (Linux PC etc.) (1.4MB). this README file is also in the archive.

Doris - Development Version

Latest release: 2017-06-05

Development code: 2017-06-05
INSTALL ------ INSTALL txt file, see also README file doris_v4.06beta2.tar.gz 2012-12-18 23:31 (README) Doris v4.06 source code + tools source code doris_v4.04beta4.tar.gz 2011-03-10 14:04 (README) Doris v4.04 source code + tools source code ENVISAT_TOOLS_v2.3.tar.gz 2013-11-04 20:04 (README) Doris v2.3 ENVISAT TOOLS

Doris - STABLE

 INSTALL			 ------  INSTALL txt file, see also README file
 doris_v4.02.tar.gz	 2009-06-17 07:04 (contents) Doris v4.02 source code + tools source code
 doris_v4.02.pdf 	 2009-06-15 16:30 (html version) User manual changelog
 doris_v3.16.pdf 	 2012-03-13 13:10 ( User Manual in Chinese )

Doris tools

 DEOS_ERS/1-2_orbit scripts   2010-09-01 16:67  A set of csh scripts to reorganize recomputed ERS/1-2 orbits by P. Visser, so that getorb calls succeed. see README.txt in the tarball and Links section of Doris website.
 dorvor_to_odr.m         2008-12-08 13:45  (howto) Matlab script to create Getorb ODR.* files from CNES DORVOR files.   2009-06-05 11:35  Trick Doris to use external DEM (STRM) to estimate geocoding parameters.
 vim_colorsyntax.tar.gz   2010-03-22 14:35  Hilight Doris input cards using vim. Send your contribution as well for other editors.

Doris contributions

 Doris 4.02 cygwin local miror	 2009-09-28 18:00  Doris 4.02 cygwin version for MS Windows environment compiled by Dr. Y.S. Rao. It also includes extra tools in bin directory for visualization.
 Doris 4.02 TSX calibration patch 2010-05-27 18:00 Readme.txt TSX calibration using Doris, modifications done by by Jason Fritz (jpfritz[AT], please contact the author for changes.

InSAR Matlab toolbox

 insarmatlab.tar.gz	 2005-08-24 18:00 (contents) InSAR toolbox v1.1
 insardemosmatlab.tar.gz 2005-08-24 18:00 (contents) InSAR demos v1.0
 insarfractal.tar.gz	 2005-08-24 18:00 (contents) fractals for InSAR v1.0

Additional packages (links)

 SNAPHU			03-Nov-2002	SNAPHU unwrapper with statistical costs
 getorb	 		25-Nov-2008	DEOS precise orbits
 getorbdemo	 		20-Jun-2000	getorb online utility
 FWTools (openev) 		08-Feb-2010	FWTools (openev + gdal tools): Open Source GIS Binary Kit for Windows and Linux
 GDAL tools	 		08-Feb-2010	GDAL library and tools.
 GMT				01-Sep-1999	Generic Mapping Tools (gridding/interpolation)
 gv				01-Sep-1999	Postscript interpreter
 PROJ.4			24-Dec-2008	PROJ cartographic projection filters
 GRASS			16-Sep-2003	Free GIS (reads in GMT output)
 Cygwin			16-Sep-2003	Free Linux like shell for Windows.
 SCRIPPS			21-Jun-2000	cd pub/ and browse
 X Cygwin			14-Jul-2004	Cygwin with X server.
 Xming			08-Feb-2010	Xming X Server for Windows (free)

External data sources (links)

 SRTM DEMs		16-Sep-2003	NASA High accuracy global DEM for topographic phase correction.
 GTOPO30 DEMs		24-Dec-2008	USGS global low resolution (about 1 kilometer/half a mile horizontal)
 GLOBE DEMs		24-Dec-2008	NOAA global low resolution land DEM (about 1 kilometer/half a mile horizontal)

External libraries (not required to run Doris)

  FFTW is adviced (easy to install)
 FFTW			16-Sep-2003	Fastest Fourier Transform in the West (get v3.0.1 or higher; recommended)

  LAPACK is adviced to use if you have it (you may consider installing it)
 Lapack			21-Oct-1999	linear algebra package (Doris may be able to use the C version, not required really)

  Veclib/sunperflib:	14-July-2004	(commercial libs) no link available...

Code developers tools (links)

 Exuberant-ctags	01-Sep-1999	ctags code developer utility
 Latex2html		14-July-2004	Convert user's manual and tech docs to html

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