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UC SCI 111, Spring 2001.

Mathematica notebooks.

Chapter Subject Notebook PP * exercises
1. Bifurcation sci111nb1.nb ppe1.pdf
2. Taylor series, Newton iteration sci111nb2.nb ppe2.pdf
3. Finding zeroes sci111nb3.nb ppe3.pdf
4. Integration sci111nb4.nb ppe4.pdf
5. 1d-flow sci111nb5.nb ppe5.pdf
6. Statistics sci111nb6.nb ppe6.pdf
8. 2d-recurrence sci111nb8.nb ppe8.pdf
9. Geometric mappings sci111nb9.nb ppe9.pdf
10. Markov chains sci111nb10.nb ppe10.pdf
11. Two compartment model I sci111nb11.nb ppe11.pdf
12. Two compartment model II sci111nb12.nb ppe12.pdf
13. Optimisation, 2d sci111nb13.nb ppe13.pdf
14. Dihedral groups sci111nb14.nb -
Appendix Mathematica, introduction sci111app.nb -

A University College style sheet.

Notebook: uucstyle.nb


Project supervisor: Odo Diekmann.
Notebook editors: Roderik Lindenbergh, Martijn van Manen.
Contributors: Frits Beukers, Wilberd van der Kallen, Boris Levit, J. Metz, Paul Zegeling.


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Roderik Lindenbergh
January 2001

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